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Inspirit Way Qigong with Amadis

Amadis is offering online Qigong classes on Thursdays 7-9pm.
Please contact him on 07941 665506 or go to www.inspiritway.com/online for info.

Inspirit Way Qigong at Anahata - please call for info, as currently suspended
Second and fourth Wednesday every month 7 - 9pm


£12 drop-in
£9 concession

All equipment provided.
Suitable for all abilities.

Vital Spirit Qigong (Jing Shen Qigong) is based on the ancient Chinese spiritual way, Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan) or as it is better known as, Vitality Practice (Qi Gong). With this particularly holistic style of Qigong you will work with Yin-Yang, Three Treasures, Five Elements and Medical Qigong.

The aim of these fortnightly sessions is to access your spiritual, vital and essential resources; including your inherent connection to nature and the universe. This system of Internal Alchemy and Qigong benefits body, mind and spirit: it rejuvenates, heals and transforms you whilst also cultivating your spiritual potential.

Postures, movements, voicework and breathwork sequences are used to connect with your vital energy (Qi), which benefits your physical health and general wellness. Meditation, visualisation and attunement are used to help you experience and embody your integral spiritual reality (Jing Shen) which enriches your life and sense of wellness.

Since 1988 I have studied and taught various styles of Qigong, including Daoist and Medical Qigong. I bring insights gained from 30-plus years practicing Chinese Medicine and the study of Classical Chinese language and philosophy.

Contact Amadis for more info

Email amadis@vitalspiritqigong.com
Mobile 07941 665506
Anahata 01273 698687


“ I only started doing Qigong in September and have already noticed an improvement in my general health and stamina and have a greater sense of wellbeing. I feel more positive, stronger in myself and am more able to tackle things. Amadis uses a gentle intuitive approach in his classes which are safe, supportive and nurturing and the sessions are energising and empowering as well as healing and relaxing.
Qigong taps into your very essence - the Qi - an elusive but real energy and it’s available to all of us. The effects are subtle but accumulative. Qigong is like keeping the body’s pilot light burning strongly to give the body the strength to deal with the physical and mental challenges of life and it works! If you have spent a lifetime trying to find something to help improve your energy and health, then do yourself a favour, try Qigong and watch the benefits. I am grateful to have found this form of self-healing which I am now committed to doing for life. Thank you Amadis!! “
LS, London

“I have been doing Qi Gong with Amadis for over 20 years and I find that it helps me to cope with the stresses of everyday life. It is particularly helpful in combating the effects of long hours at the computer. Practising Qi Gong helps to balance the flow of energy in your body, at the same time putting you in touch with the universal cosmic energy, which helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. The combination of gentle exercise and meditation is especially beneficial. I particularly like the practices connected with the elements and the seasons, because they bring us closer to nature and make us aware of the energy of each season, even in an urban environment.” P.O., London